New Display Centre and Showroom

December 09, 2016

Okay, we admit it. Our previous showroom was a little like a morgue waiting room. While you knew what was behind the doors, it was still a little depressing and smelled strangely like formaldehyde. We've spent the last month up to our knees in building materials (and complaining neighbors) to pull off pre-Christmas transformation on the Mitchell Bros showroom. We really put our backs into (and put our backs out doing) a renovation that'd make sweet Scotty Cam hold up the '10' card.  Using 90% reclaimed and recycled materials, we don't just pretend to have an environmentally conscious attitude to impress the slightly bearded, hipster girl at the local cafe, we actually give a damn about making a change.  Come...

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December 07, 2016

4WD travel is not as scary and perilous as you think.   It’s easy to view mainstream 4WD media as a bit of a 4WDing, doomsday prophecy. All the bullsh*t articles getting around about ‘Bullet-proofing’ your ‘Budget’ 4WD, rebuilding a CV trackside with a little more than a beer can ring pull, and cable-tying your $80,000 vehicle together while grinning like a proverbial idiot, would lead anyone to think that Aussie adventures go hand in hand with trashed 4WDs and an inexplicable, mid-strength beer drinking problem. Maybe for some, not for us. For the majority of post-pubescent, responsible, non-redneck 4WDers, there’s a lot more riding on a trip away than just the mechanical repair bill. There’s your three young kids...

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