The Team

Aaron Mitchell.

Role: General Manager, Sales Manager, Customer Service Manager, Service Advisor and generally nice guy.

Years in Industry: 20+

Years 4wding: 25+

Drives A: 2013 Toyota Hilux SR5 Extra Cab modified for towing and daily duties. 2005 Nissan Patrol with 6.6ltr Duramax Diesel conversion.

Interests: 4wd touring, fishing, motor bikes riding (adventure offroad), spending time with kids.

Aarons 2 cents: What I enjoy most about my job is talking to people, trying to find out what their needs are and then developing a system that suits their needs and implementing it in a timely manner whilst trying to find ways to value add to their lifestyle choices. We have fantastic clients, some who have become very good friends over the years. We have a fantastic team of dedicated and enthusiastic people who each share a portion of responsibility within the business, we wouldn't be here today if it weren't for the hard work my team has done yesterday and will do tomorrow. Our business is the people within it and that's why our clients choose us. 




Ben Mitchell

Role: Workshop Team Leader, Service Manager, Head Technical Advisor and pretty amenable guy.

Years in Industry: 15+

Years 4wding: 25+

Drives A: 2016 Nissan Y62 Patrol. TJM T3 Bullbar with TJM 12000lb winch, Kaymar rear bar. Mods to come - Harrop supercharger and tune. Method wheels and 35" tyres. Pics to come.

Interests: 4wd touring, rock crawling, food and working around home on the weekends with his 2 girls.

Bens 2 Cents: Ever since I was tall enough to see out the windows in the old Landcruiser I have been dead keen on 4wding and everything related. That was just the ammo for my brother and I to create a business for us to design build and maintain countless incredible offroad and touring vehicles. I have the pleasure everyday to work with a great bunch of people that are all also very driven and keen on 4wds and offroad vehicle's in general. I hope to see your truck soon.




Aydon "The Des" Desreaux

Role: Logistics management, parts interpreter, sales assistant.

Years in Industry: 3, he shows good knowledge and enthusiasm, has owned several 4wd vehicles in his time.

Years 4wding: 6+

Drives A: Toyota Hilux, reasonably modified, lockers, 4" suspension kit. Plans to do solid axle swap to get rid of the independent front suspension setup.

Des' 2 Cents: My passion in life revolves around the beach and the bush. Luckily enough with a 4WD I get to experience the best of both, not only do I love the thrill of those nasty hill climbs and those treacherous bog holes, but soaking up those sereen and beautiful locations that without a 4WD you wouldn't be able to see. I also have a passion for motorbikes both on and offroad for the same reason i enjoy 4WD's, is the freedom that you get to feel.




Zac Collins

Role: Apprentice Mechanic

Years in Industry: 2+

Years 4wding: 10+

Drives A: Toyota 4Runner - The Borneo. 

Zacs 2 Cents: I've grown up with the thrill of off-road adventure, from the day I was born into the Bushdriver family. To this present day,  my 4WD interests have turned into a burning passion for vehicles, from Japanese street cars to big tyres and impressive flex on trucks. The horizons are broad. Being part of of the Mitchell Brothers family has made me feel at home with my job, I could even say it's a hobby And I'm looking forward to our future projects because the customer feedback is nothing short of amazing, this makes me proud of our work. I guess my two cents would be to stay modest, don't talk up your ability and just perform at your personal best. That way the world isn't expected of you and the final result will always stun and impress.







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