We're not just your average 4wd accessory store, we're a team of vehicle preparation specialists. 

Vehicle usage is changing, more and more people are opting to setup their vehicles for lifestyle changes. Tradies are buying utes for work and then for play on the weekend. Retirees and/or grey nomads are towing big vans around the country and using the same vehicles at home and around the city.

Dialogue is the single most important part of preparing vehicles for your needs. Our aim is to understand exactly how you intend to use your vehicle and together we'll create a plan that suits you, for your needs. 

Do you fit into one of these usage types?

  • Tradesperson or work vehicle.
  • Weekend warrior.
  • Short term tourer, a week at most at a time.
  • Medium term tourer, up to 2 months.
  • Long term tourer, more than 2 months.

 Your needs as a medium term tourer will be different to a weekend warrior, a weekend warrior mightn't need additional battery power storage or electric brakes for towing the camper trailer. 

We've been preparing vehicles for many many years and we understand how to get the best solution for you in the most efficient and cost effective manner. 

We're here to help so feel free to drop by any time, we'd be happy to have a chat. 

Now it's time to CREATE

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